Artist statement


I am an artist, animator and musician. I enjoy working at small scales, creating small scenes and filming at almost a macro level. In my studio in Bomansvik I create models and characters, and shoot using a self build motion control camera that can automate 4 axis camera moves. In creating little worlds for the camera I have also worked in a similar vein digitally, in game engines, and am also currently involved in the production of a VR metaverse. I’m interested in technology, both ancient and modern, old school and future. My current project «Tales from the Towers» is a post apocalyptic love story stop motion film, set in a ramshackled skyscraping slum tower above the clouds. As a musician, I was in the UK band Cranes during the early 90s and write and record experimental music and soundtracks here.


Aktuelle ustillinger

I am not a traditional artist, most of my work being in sound, moving image or digital. But a sideline art practice of «art box» making has resulted in a few exhibitions here in Norway. At Jan Saeters gallery, Nordic Art Info in 2004, and at Nesoddparken Culture park 2016. I have provided live modular synth music for two Pere Galeras Performances. I have performed solo live looped guitar at numerous experimental music events. Prior to Norway, I was projecting experimental films at many galleries, parties and raves for much of the 80s and 90s in the UK., And as a member of The Cranes performed many hundreds of times around Europe and the US, most notably in support of The Cure for 95 concerts on their «Wish Tour».

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Mark Francombe